Another Study Shows that Fasting Reverses Diabetes

By Suzanne Ridley | with Steve Eggleston

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As a pharmacist for over four decades, I have witnessed first-hand the emergence of the worldwide epidemic of type 2 diabetes. For years, it was an invisible storm slowly building in populations across the world until one day… the shocking statistics crashed onto the radars of public health officials everywhere. 

Currently, well over two million Australians over the age of twenty-five suffer from diabetes. China recently reported that half of its citizens, nearly seven billion people, are now diabetic or prediabetic. In America, approximately 150 million adults suffer from diabetes or prediabetes, and another 150 million (though many are the same) are obese or nearly so.  

Fifty years ago, having type 2 diabetes was a rare as contracting Lyme Disease. People knew of its existence but usually didn’t know anyone who had it. Today, if you look to your left and look to your right in a room of children, a quarter of the room will be obese. Do the same in a room of adults over fifty, and one-third will be suffering from diabetes, obesity, or early symptoms. 

In The Fast Diabetes Solution, we took a brief look at the causes of this horrific disease that yearly leaves millions of victims suffering from cardiovascular disease, organ deterioration, disability, blindness, and limb amputation due to peripheral neuropathy. Without question, the primary culprit is poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, things that most mainstream medical practitioners historically have not addressed. Although fortunately the number increases every year.  

But for those who want to reverse their symptoms, what should be done? That’s the primary question we answered in our book. And there was a simple answer: a whole food, low carbohydrate diet LIFESTYLE, with periods of fasting. Adopting an unprocessed and low carbohydrate eating plan will see your blood glucose and blood insulin levels drop every time. That’s because carbohydrate foods convert to blood sugar the most out of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Combine this with an intermittent fasting regimen as a powerful boost and you will bring upon fast results for your diabetic condition, because your body will only produce a nominal amount of insulin when you’re not eating. This in turn will aid your body in reversing its resistance to insulin, removing visceral fat that is suffocating your liver and pancreas, and get you back on track with a healthy metabolism.

When we first started pressing this proposition – that carb restriction and fasting can and will reverse diabetic symptoms in most people – we met with critical resistance. The mainstream medical community didn’t want to hear it, instead pointing to pills and surgery as the preferred treatment regimen. The pharmaceutical folks snorted in contempt, unable to conceive a world without trillions of dollars spent annually on pills to manage diabetes and spin-off diseases. 

I can still recall attending a pharmaceutical diabetes lecture intended to “update” and equip pharmacists in the front lines with the latest diabetes treatments. The head lecturer opened the event by asking the audience of pharmacists to raise a hand if they believed that type 2 diabetes could be reversed. Before anyone had a real chance to raise an eyebrow let alone a hand, she scoffed and laughed, saying put down your hands of course diabetes cannot be reversed how ridiculous! She then declared that type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that can only be managed by medication and assisted with healthy lifestyle choices, daring anyone to challenge her statement. This was early on in my own diabetes quest for information and so I replied “Well, that is a topic of much debate”. She continued her lecture.

In our book, we devoted a section to “The Research of Professor Roy Taylor” where we carefully presented the evidence for type 2 diabetes reversal from his clinical trials at Newcastle University England. The Professor placed diabetic participants on a specialised low-calorie diet of 800 calories per day for 8 consecutive weeks. After the 8 weeks, participants experienced substantial reductions of fat in their livers and pancreases. This reduction in fat enabled their bodies to restore healthy levels of insulin production that put their type 2 diabetes into remission. 

Further to Professor Roy Taylor’s findings, our book also covered  “The Research of Intermittent Fasting and Time-Restricted Feeding,” tracing the practice of fasting back to the time of Hippocrates. There we reviewed a host of recent studies by the Longevity Institute at the USC Leonard David School of Gerontolgy and the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and by Doctors Professor Valter Longo and Dr. Satchidananda Panda – all affirming in different ways that fasting reduces diabetic symptoms quite significantly.  

Now, post-publication of The Fast Diabetes Solution, a new 2018 study published in the BMJ Case Reports further substantiates our book’s premise. The study, entitled “Planned intermittent fasting may help reverse type 2 diabetes,” ran with the sub-title, “And cut out need for insulin while controlling blood glucose.”  

The study followed three adult men, all between forty and sixty-seven years of age, who engaged in a protocol of scheduled, intermittent fasting. The goal was to see if the fasting relieved their symptomology for type 2 diabetes. 

Previously, all had been taking daily doses of pills and insulin to manage their disease. The study noted that all three also suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, a very common triumvirate. Continued insulin and bariatric surgery was anticipated.

Over a ten-month period, the fasting protocols varied between the men. Two of them fasted every other day for a full twenty-four hours per fasting cycle. The third man fasted for three full days a week and didn’t fast for the other four. On fasting days, the men only consumed a few low-calorie drinks – tea, coffee, and broth. They were also allowed to eat a single very low-calorie dinner each evening.

The men were not asked to enter the study blind as to the issues surrounding diabetes. Each undertook a day-long training course covering a range of subjects covering nutrition, how diabetes develops, the effect of diabetes on the human body, insulin resistance, the role of diet in health, and therapeutic fasting techniques. 

At the end of the study, all three men were re-measured for the key indicators related to diabetes: waist size, body weight, average glucose in the blood over time (known as HbA1c), and fasting blood glucose. And both the process and the results were striking. One man went off insulin after only five days. The other two were able to do so within a month.

But there was more. The drugs followed the insulin. Two men no longer needed any more diabetes pills. The third was able to reduce his intake from four pills to one. Astoundingly, all three lost between ten percent and eighteen percent body weight. Yes, their old clothes could go to charity, so there was a small replacement cost there. Emphasis on small. Not to mention, both fasting and average readings for glucose were significantly reduced.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is how the men described their experience. One might have expected words like, “man, it was tough,” or “mate, I almost died after day five,” brutal things like that. But no. That’s not what they said. Just the opposite. All three reported little difficulty in complying with the rigorous fasting. In fact, as we know from our own fasting, after four or five days, the hunger pangs fade, the light-headedness stops and the fasting goes relatively smoothly. 

The physician-authors of the study cautioned, however, that theirs was only a small, observational study of three men. As such, on the basis of their study alone, they felt they couldn’t draw irrefutable conclusions of the success of fasting per se, but did believe the doors were opened optimistically to larger, more rigorous studies. Of course, other studies have been done, as we noted in our book.   

Most interesting, given the title and theme of our book, The Fast Diabetes Solution, the authors of the three-man fasting study noted: “The use of a therapeutic fasting regimen for treatment of [type 2 diabetes] is virtually unheard of…This present case series showed that 24-hour fasting regimens can significantly reverse or eliminate the need for diabetic medication.”

Beyond the cost to the individual diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there is also the cost to society. So the implications of fasting in preventing or curing diabetes are significant. In America, one in three dollars spent by the federal government is devoted to treating diabetes or associated symptoms. Indeed, it’s said one in ten Americans have type 2 diabetes, and experts estimate diabetes and related diseases cost the American economy over $245 billion per year.

As we contended in The Fast Diabetes Solution, there is “A Holisitic Formula for Reversing Diabetes and Living a Healthy, Happy Life,” and that formula embraces a healthy diet, stress reduction, exercise, and sound sleep – all combined with fasting. Though management by pills and surgery may always be needed in certain circumstance, at the very least it should be the exception and not the rule. 

This latest study puts another nail in the coffin of those special interests who refuse to embrace the role lifestyle and diet in preventing and reversing diabetes. Hopefully the rising wave of science, research, and observational experience will soon turn that tide.  

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