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About Us

Pura Nutrients is a family owned and operated health company who specialize in type 2 diabetes, weight loss and health optimization. 


We are a small company with BIG aspirations to help the world to be a healthier and happier place!


Pura Nutrients was created by Mother and Son team, Suzanne and Patrick Ridley, with the mission to provide all people living with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or obesity a second chance for a healthy and happy life with easy to achieve lifestyle changes. 


We are passionate about natural solutions for our health and offer our members a wide variety of health advice for a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle free of diabetes, obesity and other dietary related health conditions.

Meet The
Pura Nutrients Family

Suzanne Ridley

Co-founder & Principal
Health Specialist

Suzanne is the author of The Fast Diabetes Solution and has been a Pharmacist for more than 40 years with qualifications in Clinical Nutrition and Medical Herbalism.

Patrick Ridley

Weight Loss Specialist

Patrick is a personal development and weight loss specialist with certifications in Health and Nutrition, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Rachael Ridley

Content & Media

Rachael is our content creative genius. She is an experienced article writer and photography coordinator for one of Australia's biggest magazines.

Our Philosophy

Pura Nutrients believes in using powerful natural treatments with the cooperation of your physician. Our health advice is based on scientific research for sustainable weight loss, type 2 diabetes reversal and health optimization.


Every individual is different and may have personal needs relating to their health condition and life situation.


This means that although type 2 diabetes and weight loss are treated within a general scope, each person will require a personalized treatment to best suite their needs.

Our Health Specialists will guide each member through their own personalized diabetes recovery, helping them to choose a safe and appropriate pathway to diabetes freedom.


Please Note: Pura Nutrients does not offer medical advice or supervision - only dietary, nutritional and healthy lifestyle advice. Pura Nutrients will not provide advice relating to medication, blood test analysis, or other medical conditions. 

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0402 539 561 (AUS)

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